Bodybuilding Supplement Reviews

  • Roar Ambition: TestoFuel

    Testosterone is KING!

    When it comes to building muscle, strength and power Testosterone is KING! This is what makes men what they are, it’s that simple. The large majority of anabolic steroids are Testosterone derivatives thereby providing its users with a potent form of exogenous anabolic hormone helping to build muscle tissue at a faster rate than humanly possible.

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  • iSatori: Bio-Gro

    In Terms of Building Muscle, It’s Like Adding Gasoline to a Fire

    Game Changer

    Every once in a while a company will engineer a product that will totally change the game as you know it. iSatori is a world leader in the bodybuilding supplement industry, bringing forth many new and unique formulations. They have gained the reputation of quality over quantity, making sure that whatever they bring to the market is nothing less than stellar.

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  • Human Evolution Supplements: OVERRIDE

    You’ll be ready to hit the weights with a vengeance. If you have tried many of the current pre-workout formulas on the market and are looking for something new and exciting, then get ready for one hell of a ride!

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  • Optimum Nutrition PLATINUM PRE-

    Now, when it comes to pioneers in the bodybuilding supplement industry, very few companies can hold a candle to Optimum Nutrition (ON). They have been a world leader for decades and it is because they produce products of pristine quality, time and time again.

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  • Animal Rage: The Ultimate Energy & Performance Stack

    While prepping for the 2011 Arnold, Evan Centopani was mixing a scoop of a mysterious new powder that he called,ANIMAL RAGE!” Evan explained that it was a new pre-workout supplement for focus and sustained energy that UNIVERSAL NUTRITION had just released. I was shocked, because Evan Centopani is known for his strong stance against harsh stimulants.

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  • ISOPURE SMOOTHIE: 100% Whey Protein Isolate

    A protein is not a protein, as once previously thought by many nutritionists and researchers. When dieting, higher protein diets consumed ad libitum facilitate weight loss and improve satiety— compared with carbohydrates.2 Many bodybuilders may think red meat or egg protein is the best protein source but according to the research, whey is the best protein for increasing lean muscle mass and reducing body fat.

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  • Triazole: Maximal Hormonal Domination

    Triazole™ is an anti-estrogen that works on three levels to control estrogen. It contains a natural aromatase inhibitor (AI), a natural selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), and a natural aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) activator. It also contains 20:1 maca root extract, zinc aspartate, curcumin and bioperine..

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  • JACK 3D by USP LABS "The ultimate nitric oxide pre-workout supplement"

    JACK 3D by USP LABS "The ultimate nitric oxide pre-workout supplement"

    If you are looking for the ultimate pre-workout supplement that look no further than Jack3d by USP LABS . So what makes JACK3d the best workout supplement on the market is that it is an extremely potent and effective pre-workout formulation, designed to improve workouts with improved focus, strength and power.

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  • Panthera Labs VME— Vaso-Muscle-Expander

    The World’s First Anabolic Pre-Workout Igniter

    Pre-workout concentrates are the rage right now in gyms across America, but concentrates give you a surge in energy and also cortisol— however, they are absent of anabolic nutrients. You can be the hardest-training guy in the gym, but without the key ingredients for anabolism, all the sweat and tears in the gym is not going to build muscle.

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  • BNRG’s Power Crunch Bar

    Choosing a protein bar when you’re hungry can be a daunting task at the supplement store counter. There are so many pretty packages and mouth-watering flavors calling your name. What’s the right one to choose? If you’re just looking for a quick-fix snack or low-carb meal that tastes good and is satisfying too, then BNRG’s Power Crunch® Bar is an excellent option!

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