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By Robbie Durand, MA

The World's First 'Intra-Anabolic Workout' Supplement

Water bottles and even gallon jugs of water are the beverage of choice for most bodybuilders during exercise; water is great for hydration but for the bodybuilder looking for increased size, strength, recuperation and muscle pumps… you need more than water! A bodybuilder needs the right nutrients at the right time.

Breakfast is no longer the most important meal of the day, but it may be 'during exercise' or 'intra-exercise.' Ultimate Nutrition's adreNOline is the first 'intra-workout' formula. Many bodybuilders have read about pre-exercise and post-exercise nutrition, but 'intra-nutrition' is a relatively unknown concept in the bodybuilding arena. adreNOline is recommended for anyone looking for a 'during-workout' drink to keep muscles hydrated, build and recover muscles during training, delay fatigue and experience intense pumps. adreNOline is your ally- in the gym and on the field.

The Science of 'Intra-Workout' Supplementation

In addition to pre- and post-exercise nutrition, previous research suggests that nutrition during exercise, or 'intra-workout,' seems to enhance muscle mass as well. Research suggests that essential amino acids and carbohydrate taken during exercise can reduce protein breakdown for up to 48 hours, suppress exercise-induced cortisol release, as well as stimulate the release of insulin. The increase in insulin and essential amino acids creates a hormonal profile more favorable for anabolism.

An earlier study examined the effectiveness of intra-workout nutrition; every week for 12 weeks, a group of 32 untrained men performed two total-body workouts lasting 60 minutes (eight exercises, 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions to failure per exercise, 60 seconds of rest between sets). Between sets, the men sipped on a supplement containing 6 grams of EAA and around 40 grams of carbohydrate. The gains in lean muscle were greatest in the group consuming EAA and carbohydrate during exercise. The carbohydrate plus EAA group gained 9 pounds of lean mass, compared to just 4 pounds in the placebo group.

So, not only is that pre- and post-workout nutrition important, but it also suggests that EAA/carbohydrates taken during workouts can increase production of faster muscle growth in the long term.1 adreNOline is the first 'during-workout' supplement scientifically designed to promote the increases in lean muscle mass and strength.

Reduce Muscle Tissue Breakdown!

Resistance exercise causes an increase in blood flow to working muscles and increases cellular sensitivity, enabling muscles to increase the absorption rate and utilization of amino acids. adreNOline is also formulated with an advanced carbohydrate blend to spike insulin. Insulin is a potent hormone that increases vasodilatation and prevents muscle tissue breakdown. For example, essential amino acids stimulate protein synthesis but do not affect breakdown, while insulin reduces protein breakdown with little to no significant effect on protein synthesis if blood amino acid concentrations are not maintained.

Other studies examining the effect of carbohydrate ingestion and resistance exercise have also shown a decrease in protein breakdown with either local hyperinsulinemia (insulin spikes)2 or ingestion of carbohydrates.3 You are not going to get bigger and stronger by breaking down muscle tissue; adreNOline is the ultimate recuperation drink designed to prevent muscle tissue breakdown.

Better Muscle Pumps!

What's the advantage of spiking insulin during exercise with adreNOline? It is well-known that insulin is needed for glucose transport into the cells. Insulin can also redirect nutrient blood flow to capillary beds in skeletal muscle, leading to enhanced blood flow. It has been demonstrated that, within minutes, insulin significantly increases vasodilatation in resting skeletal muscle.4 That's right; if you just drink water during your workouts, you may be missing out on insulin's vasodilating effects on muscle.

Insulin enhances both skeletal muscle glucose uptake and total leg blood flow in a dose-dependent fashion (the more insulin is increased, the greater the increase in blood flow).5, 6 Studies have shown that insulin-induced increases in total muscle blood flow temporally lag behind the stimulation of muscle glucose uptake. Insulin has an effect on increasing NO production, which may be the partial reason for its effects on vasodilation.7 The observation is that inhibition of nitric oxide (NO) synthase by the nitric oxide inhibitor (L-NMMA) abolishes insulin-induced increases of leg blood flow in humans and diminishes (~25 percent) glucose uptake; this supports a physiological role for insulin action on muscle vasodilation.8

adreNOline is packed with scientifically-formulated complexes to keep you energized and focused throughout your workout. Ignite your workouts and take your muscle pumps to ultimate levels with adreNOline's N.O. DyNOmite Complex. adreNOline also contains Glycomaze Complex, Quick Pro Complex and Recovery Glutaplex to build your muscles during training.

This intensive blend features 46 ingredients in nine scientifically-designed blends:

  • Glycomaze Complex
  • Anabolic BCAA Complex
  • Quick pro Complex
  • Hydration Complex
  • NO DyNOmite Complex
  • Recovery Complex
  • Fatigue Extender Complex
  • Energy Complex
  • Enzyme Complex

Ultimate Nutrition has taken the next step in progress for new muscle growth with adreNOline! adreNOline is unique as it helps you build AND recover your muscle WHILE you train! Get the most incredible muscle pumps and super-enhanced recovery times with adreNOline! Truly get the most out of each and every workout with adreNOline as it will put in just as much effort as you do- that way you will maximize your results and recovery rates dramatically. With zero sugars, and added ingredients such as glycomaze complex, quick pro complex and finally glutaplex recovery!

adreNOline is another breakthrough with Ultimate Nutrition. Join the leaders and see results!

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